Microblading is a completely safe semi permanent treatment that is carried out with the use of a manual tool to create the most natural, realistic hair strokes. Unlike machine applied semi permanent makeup microblading is applied closely to the skins surface, which in turn leaves very fine and natural hair stroke detail, without pigment spilling under the skin, which can result in untidy strokes or blurred healing. This amazing technique will provide you with the perfect brow design, with colour and shape options tailored to suit each individual.

Following a thorough consultation, a practitioner will guide you through the treatment. The treatment is very comfortable and a topical anaesthetic is generally used to help manage patient comfort.

The treatment is carried out by a trained and experienced aesthetician.

It can be uncomfortable for some, however we do use topical anesthetic (numbing cream) & more can be applied at any point of the treatment.

You can expect to see results immediately and they can last anywhere between 6-12 months. No recovery time is required for this treatment and you may resume to normal activity after receiving microblading treatments. The technician will provide you with appropriate aftercare to undertake at home, to ensure the very best result.

You may a little during the process, but you won’t be when you leave. This is why you must not drink alcohol 24hrs before as this thins the blood. You must also not take any ibuprofen or nurofen 24hrs before as they also thin the blood, paracetamol is fine.

We advise to remove any fake tan on the face and avoid applying it 1 week before the treatment, as this can prevent the pigment getting into the skin.

Generally eyebrows is the only area treated via the mciroblading technique. If you are interested in other areas such as eyes or lips we provide other treatment options for these areas, please see our Treatments for more information.