Areola Tattooing

Areola Tattooing

(Inbox to Book – This treatment is done when salon is closed of any other clients)

2 hours · £295

You must wait for a minimum of 6 months healing after your surgery before we carry out any tattooing. If there is still any pink or redness to any of the scars we shall have to wait longer. This treatment is carried out with Ink so you do not need to have this done annually. We require pictures to assess the tattooing that needs to be done & we may need to contact you to ask further questions before the big transformation day .

How do I book in?

Booking your appointment is very easy. All you need to do is use our online booking system linked below.

£50 non-refundable Booking Fee is required per person, this will be deducted from the full amount left to pay on the day. Booking Fee payments can be made by PayPal or Bank transfer.

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